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truMe Attendance Management System can be easily used by any organisation instantly by registering online. truMe has revolutionized the contactless attendance management system by doing away with the hardware and using the ubiquitous mobile phone to make it a pleasant experience.

Contactless Attendance System

The office truMe is a cloud-based attendance management system and therefore, offers the benefits of flexibility, cost optimization, and ease of access across devices and platforms. A cloud-based attendance management system is widely accessible from any device. This also implies a browser integration – which means the system can also be put to work even where installing an app is a challenge. Also, truMe mobile platform helps boost the productivity of field workers and remote employees, as it enables real-time capturing of Time & Attendance from any location.

Another game-changing feature of truMe Touch Free Attendance Management system is that it is not dependent on any hardware. Employees no longer need to clock in at doorway – instead, they can sit at their desks (on-premise or at home or in a remote location) and log in using their truMe App.

truMe gives you multiple choices on how to use its digital platform for attendance management. You can choose the App-based system, wherein the employees just press a button on their truMe App to mark attendance. As the employee presses the button, the geo-location is automatically captured and reflects in the Attendance Report in real-time. You may also choose attendance by Face Recognition, wherein the truMe App on employee’s phone reads the face of the employee in live mode to mark attendance and capture geo-location. Alternatively, the office may have a tablet installed to read the faces of the employees as they enter and exit the office.

truMe Touchless Attendance management is powered with advanced analytics and offers real-time visibility into attendance patterns, highlighting those who frequently put in overtime or diverge from scheduled hours. Behaviors like these can be duly noted, put on a watchlist and rectified, upholding optimal productivity levels in the office.

truMe Touchless Attendance Management system is particularly useful in the post-COVID-19 world. Its touchless interface is hygienic and is far superior to the legacy finger-biometrics enabled systems. It also means no upfront charges and no expenditure on hardware. As most organizations will be keen at being cost-efficient now, truMe Attendance Management on the SaaS model can help in conserving cash.

Adopting truMe digital Attendance Management can change how you manage your workforce. The features and functionalities built into the platform are integral to your employees’ everyday workflow, and truMe prevents errors that can lead to month-end hassles and compliance challenges.

With the smart application of truMe, your touch-free attendance management could be a pleasant experience – both for your company and for your employees – turning a once complex process into an easy-to-monitor and straightforward activity.

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Hotline: 94 11 462 1111

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Version Number: V3.3.3

truMe App enables employees of the registered organization to mark attendance in contactless manner from home/ field/ in office

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truMe Touchless Attendance Management using FRS
truMe User Video : How to Mark Attendance with FRS
truMe Touchless Attendance Management
Attendance Management using truMe Platform
truMe User Video - How to Mark Attendance Using App
truMe PeoplesHR Launch Video

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