About PeoplesHR Marketplace

PeoplesHR Marketplace is an online store—a one-stop shop—selling hundreds of business apps and professional services that complement your existing PeoplesHR Cloud implementation that allows customers to browse, enable and purchase software products compatible with their platforms.

More importantly to make life easier for your day to day work activities while making your personal day to day activities more interesting and engaging.

PeoplesHR Cloud Marketplace:

  • Provide a great collection of trusted and innovative apps in many business categories, including payroll, health and wellbeing, CRM, HR productivity etc.
  • Offers an assortment of services, such as consulting, implementation, integration, and training, to help you transition to the cloud and improve the successful operation of your company.
  • Take full advantage of automated promotion slots and offer manual and seasonal promotions to PeoplesHR users
  • Encourage business communities to engage with CSR strategies into day-to-day operations with a win:win mindset while also enhancing local communities.

In addition to the above, PeoplesHR marketplace will enable and redirect users to a secure payment processing platform with personalization, localization and with your preferred digital payment options to cater your organizational and individual needs.