JobFit Assessments

The JobFit assessment an exclusive product of Peoplogica, has the ability to accurately & reliably assess candidates’ cognitive styles and behavioural traits. It provides a measure of fit by comparing their results to high performance, role specific benchmarks and identifying critical attributes of high performers.

By Peoplogica Pty Ltd

The assessment comes with an extensive library of benchmarks available or for more accurate results, one can create role-specific, custom benchmarks. JobFit aims to contribute to high performance, high engagement, and reduced turnover of your organisation.
The JobFit assessment is available in 3 categories. Namely,

  1. JobFit Executive
  2. For Leadership, Management & Sales roles with the ability to create a customised benchmark for a position. The organisation is provided with in-depth results and reports.

  3. JobFit Select
  4. For roles up to mid-level managers. Ability to conduct the assessment based on the extensive library of benchmarks available.

  5. JobFit Screen
  6. For entry-level roles, creates effective & efficient pre-screening and assesses honesty & conscientiousness.
All assessments can be completed within an hour and can be completed anywhere, at any time within the specified time period. Candidates receive link via email and this platform is fully mobile responsive.

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