JobFit Assessments

The JobFit assessments provide people data to boost recruitment and development outcomes. They measure test takers’ reasoning ability and behavioral traits and compare results to high performance role benchmarks to identify role ‘fit’, strengths, and development opportunities. This boosts your people performance, makes your life easier, and streamlines your management processes with data you can trust.
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JobFit Assessments

By Peoplogica Pty Ltd

JobFit’s point of difference to other Psychometric assessments is that all results are tailored to your company.

Create role-specific, custom benchmarks for the exact performance and cultural requirements of the role and compare your employees/applicants to reliably identify whether they could, or would, be top performers. Alternatively, use hundreds of existing best-practice benchmarks available in our database.

JobFit has helped companies of all sizes, and from all industries, increase their selection of top performing applicants by up to 300%, and reduce their employee turnover rates by up to 40%.

The JobFit assessment is available in 3 targeted categories, to ensure you get the data you need for each role. These include:

  • JobFit Executive

For Leadership, Management & Sales roles. Includes the ability to create role benchmarks. Produces 10 reports for recruitment, development, succession planning, team development and more.

  • JobFit Select

For skilled roles up to mid-level managers. Compare test taker results against our library of over 100 best practice role benchmarks and produce 5 reports which for recruitment, development, and succession planning.

  • JobFit Screen

For entry-level or unskilled roles. Efficiently screen job applicants to identify whether they will do the job to a high standard, and measure their honesty & conscientiousness.

All assessments are compatible with smartphones and can be completed in less than 45 minutes. They can be completed anywhere, at any time within the specified time period, and HR managers instantly receive all reports once complete. Reports are easy to interpret and contain practical management suggestions.

Speak with us today to learn more about our free benchmarking offer and discounted assessments for PeoplesHR users!

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