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JobFit Assessments
Value Added Services
The JobFit assessments provide people data to boost recruitment and development outcomes. They measure test takers’ reasoning ability and behavioral traits and compare results to high performance role benchmarks to identify role ‘fit’, strengths, and development opportunities. This boosts your people performance, makes your life easier, and streamlines your management processes with data you can trust.
Health and Fitness
(0) is Sri Lanka's most comprehensive health and fitness platform that aims to inspire people in their healthy journey, especially geared towards empowering corporate staff engaged in sedentary occupations.
Backy Check
Value Added Services
Background Checks by Backy Check Streamline your employment screening. Verify your candidates' profile through our online services including references, and employment checks, and get real-time updates through our dashboards.
Jigsaw Behavioural Profiling Tool
Training and Development
The Jigsaw Discovery Tool is a tactical and experiential way of learning​. It helps individuals and teams to improve areas such as Communication​, Sales​, Team Spirit, Customer Service​, Leadership​ and Overall Performance​.