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Onboard Express (OBX) delivers a unique, and completely paperless, new employee onboarding solution allowing companies to deliver the employment contract and complete company onboarding pack to the candidate securely. OBX is fully integrated with PeoplesHR Recruitment module and Payroll modules, delivering seamless integration via API technology.
PeoplesHR brings you an easily configurable cloud-based HR solution that will take care of all aspects of HR from start to end. Be it a multinational conglomerate or a budding start-up, we have got you covered! As the number of employees increases in your organization, so does the complications in managing them. We want to ease your burden and simplify the entire process by presenting an end to end HR system capability in one single solution. With up to 30 modules, this is just a glimpse of what the system has to offer.
Canteen management software helps canteens, food court systems which is to be implemented expertly to execute daily routine operations efficiently. The solution is developed incorporating various automated features that help daily activities and processes for flawless business functioning with enhanced performance.
TURBO CHARGE YOUR HR INTO THE FUTURE! We make life a whole lot easier for you, by taking our system and wrapping it up in a DIY bundle that you can start using anytime you want. The whole process is centred around you, built on a platform that has been around for over two decades. Just follow three easy steps and get to work.