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Background Checks by Backy Check
Streamline your employment screening. Verify your candidates' profile through our online services including references, and employment checks, and get real-time updates through our dashboards.

Background Checks by Backy Check

Streamline your employment screening. Verify your candidates' profile through our online services including references, employment check, and get real-time updates through our dashboards.

Backy Check feature

  • Real time dashboards update and KPIs tracking.
  • 100% Online checks processing.
  • APIs available for integration.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Personalised result reports.

Online Background Checks

Our online solutions easily integrate with your existing onboarding process, and allows your business to confirm your candidates professional background though:

  • Employment references, verifying position occupied and performance feedback with the referee's own words.
  • Online CVs and fraud risk scoring, which complements the conventional hiring process including information of online transactions worldwide for fraudulent profiles detection, confirm qualifications and work experience taking these services to the next level.

Backy Check solution can include the online onboarding of ID documents and certificates required to fulfill a position within your organisation, capturing all the details you need and tracking renewals.

Backy Check portal allows our clients to request candidates checks, onboarding, track progress, extract reports allowing you to manage candidates pre-screening using our secure infrastructure. Additionally, if you are seeking for integration with your system, you can do it through an advanced API solution communicating directly to our back end to update your system, along with a co-branded website to offer the same look and feel for your candidates to complete their applications.

Some of the benefits of our solution are the fast turnaround times which lead to a quicker onboarding process, the efficiency, the customised support service, and the highly secure and advanced technology.

Our system allows to customise your checks and automate those, to free your internal resources and speed up the hiring process.



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Automate the reference check process online and gain powerful insights through a global data set

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    • Reference checks are fully automated from our platform. So the length of time will depend on the applicant to provide the referees and the referees to answer the questions.

You will have the report as soon as they are completed by the referees.

The portal will follow up referees and candidates for answers each day.

  • You save a lot of time on calling referees and follow up with them. You don’t have to take notes of the feedback. And you stream line the process. So, if you have 10 references to check, you will have 30 people to call. Even if you usually spend 15 minutes on a call, you will save 7.5 hours each 10 checks.
  • You will also be able to check the email of the referees matches with the company, this gives confidence about the referee is actually who is claiming to be

Backy Check online identity verification checks a person's identity globally from different sources. Backy Check gives you a comprehensive report in minutes and a risk score. Some of the sources, comes from financial institutions, social media, online eCommerce, and many databases. We check that the profile of the candidates matches with the social profiles; and that their emails are not associated with online frauds.


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