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Onboard Express (OBX) delivers a unique and completely paperless new employee onboarding solution allowing companies to deliver the employment contract and complete company onboarding pack to the candidate securely.

Onboard Express Key Features

Onboard Express (OBX) delivers a unique, and completely paperless, new employee onboarding solution allowing companies to deliver the employment contract and the complete company onboarding pack to the candidate securely. OBX captures all the information from the new employee populating all onboarding forms and transfers all information into the HRIS system and payroll system via an API, delivering efficiencies and savings on average of 80% compared to traditionally paper-based onboarding processes. OBX captures the digital approval from the new employee using banking PIN technology sent to their mobile phone.

Employment Contract (or Letter of Offer) Onboard Express (OBX) allows the operator to upload the employment contract or letter of offer into a specific area within OBX, so it can be delivered to the candidate via a secure candidate portal. The candidate then is offered the opportunity to accept the offer with a digital signature (Read Digital Signature feature). OBX provides for the employment contract to be forwarded to one reviewer within the company before it is released to the candidate.

Company Onboarding Pack OBX allows a company to load all documents that would normally accompany the new employee onboarding pack. All these documents are loaded as digital documents and presented to the candidate via the secure Candidate portal.

Company Policies OBX allows the company to present selected policies to the candidate for review digital consent. This is particularly important if the candidate is taking up a sensitive/senior role. As an example, a company policy on the use of Social Media could be shared with the candidate prior to acceptance of the role, especially if the organization is associate with education, religion or charity.

Candidate Portal OBX does not send sensitive personal documents via email as this is not a secure method of transmitting personal data. OBX will send an email directly to the candidate’s personal email address, and in that email will be a URL link to company candidate portal, where the candidate will immediately be directed to the secure candidate portal with their own selected and unique password. Once the password is successfully set, the candidate will be able to proceed to review their employment offer, review the onboarding pack and enter the personal information required to join the company.

System Requirements

Companies do not require any specific hardware or software to gain access to OBX, all they just need to have access to the internet and to be running an up to date, commonly used Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc)

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Email: marketplace@peopleshr.com

Hotline: 94 11 462 1111

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